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weekend delights: cookie bake-a-thon

There’s nothing better than spending a day baking cookies. I’ve always found it to be a very therapeutic activity. I think the process of creating something on my own – basically locking myself in the kitchen for hours on end – is a good stress releaser. I like to work with my hands, which is one of the reasons why I would never get a manicure (it’s simply a waste of money as it would be ruined immediately) – but I digress.

I felt like I needed to do some serious baking over the weekend, so I pulled out my go-to cookbook, Rose’s Christmas Cookies by Rose Levy Beranbaum. I first discovered it at the local library over 10 years ago when I was still in high school. I wanted to give each of my friends a nice box of assorted cookies for Christmas and it was the perfect book – the variety of cookies is amazing! I remember that I spent at least a week planning out which cookies I would make and in which order. I overtook the kitchen for a solid week and there were cookies everywhere.  Not that my family minded – they were my “quality control” testers.

I picked out 4 of my favourites – Cashew Puffies, Mexican Wedding Cakes, Rose’s Crescents, and Three Nut Fingers.

First up, Cashew Puffies:

BEHOLD! The tower of Cashew Puffies!
This unfortunate puff met its untimely demise shortly after this photo was taken.

These are crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside, with the cashews providing a really nice crunchy texture. They have a wonderful mellow flavour and they’re not too sweet.

Next up, Mexican Wedding Cakes:

Trio of sugary, melt-in-your-mouth clouds.

Melt-in-your-mouth goodness!  I don’t have a very good food processor, so the pecans weren’t “powder fine” (more like large granules of sand), but these turned out really nice.  First you get a super sweet hit from the dusting of icing sugar, then the buttery nuttiness fills your mouth.  Mmmmmm…. these don’t last long so I always make a double batch.

And now, Rose’s Crescents:

These were the better looking of the batch
This is as close to the cookie tower as it gets
All for meeeeeeee!

Cinnamon-sugar dusted crisp buttery crescents – so much goodness in one bite.  They looked more like bananas before they went into the oven.  Thankfully the bananas baked themselves into these nice crescent shapes.

Last (but not least), Three Nut Fingers:

So. Good.
I repeat: So. Good.
Wrapped, just for fun.

These are seriously the best things EVER.  The trio of roasted nuts – pecans, hazelnuts, and almonds – gives this innocent looking cookie a beautiful nutty flavour.  It simply melts in your mouth.  The cookie itself doesn’t contain that much sugar (only 2 tbsp of light brown sugar), so the dusting of super fine sugar gives the cookie a really nice balanced sweetness.  My absolute favourite!

That concludes the weekend bake-a-thon.  I think I might tackle some pies next…


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