weekend delights: mexican brunch@ los chilitos, calgary

As part of my overall birthday weekend celebration, Mark and I went to have Mexican Brunch at Los Chilitos Taco & Tequila House. I wrote about my love for Los Chilitos briefly, so I thought I would do it proper justice by letting everyone know just what “utter deliciousness” means.

The trip to Los Chilitos wasn’t planned at all. Mark originally wanted to find me Tres Leches Cake (because he had it in Mexico this one time and his description of it sold me – anytime he says a dessert is delicious means that it is indeed a creation from the Angels, since he’s typically not into sweets), but could only find it on Los Chilitos’ menu.  So, why not?  We hadn’t been there in a while and they had a new addition to their menu – Mexican Brunch, on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 3pm.  EPIC.

We got there around 1:30pm and the place was about half full.  Normally we go for dinner so it was nice to see it wasn’t super crowded.  It’s not the biggest place, especially during the colder seasons when the patio is closed, so I appreciated the relative peace and quiet.

99.9% of the time when I eat out, I don’t order a drink, but at Los Chilitos I always get a Pineapple Jarritos, Mexican soda.  Because… why not?  It’s delicious and it’s hard to find, so I seize every opportunity to have it.

The menu itself has a varied selection from typical Mexican breakfast items to smaller portions of their lunch/dinner items. Mark chose the Huevos Con Machata (two eggs scrambled with shredded beef, served with refried beans, homemade potatoes and flour tortillas) and I chose the Lunch Tacos (three corn tortillas topped with your choice of meat, cilantro & onion, served with house salsas) – the three meats I picked were shredded chilorio beef, chorizo sausage, and tomatillo chicken.

I honestly don’t know what those four sauces are, but each of them are delicious (yeah I know, helpful, right?).

I was SO EXCITE to see the tacos arrive.  The shredded chilorio beef (left) didn’t have a lot of heat, but it was earthy and quite mellow.  The beef itself was incredibly tender, like it had been hanging out in the sauce all day long.  The chorizo sausage (center), on the other hand, was incredibly spicy (I handle heat pretty well and I was suffering a little bit by the last bite), but with a nice saltiness – the green sauce helped to mellow out the heat a little bit.  Lastly, the tomatillo chicken (right), had to be some of the most tender chicken I’ve ever had.  Topped with the tomatillo sauce, it was the perfect combo.  I’m glad I ate it last as it helped to cool down my mouth from the spicy chorizo.  The homemade tortilla chips on the side were also a nice touch.  I was a bit disappointed that the tacos weren’t double-tortilla’ed (what is the correct way to describe this?).  The last few times I had the trio of tacos, they were always made with two tortillas instead of one.  I had to eat some of it with a fork because the tortilla fell apart.  But really, it was a minor thing, and maybe it was good that it was only one tortilla as it was pretty filling.

Mark really enjoyed the Huevos Con Machata. He likes anything that has some type of meat so he’s easy to please. I tried some of his beef and egg scramble and it tasted similar to the shredded chilorio beef I had so it could’ve been the same thing. Either way, it was really good, albeit a tad on the salty side for my taste.  I also tried the refried beans and they were incredibly creamy.  So I had some more with my tortilla chips.

Lastly, we HAD to have what we originally went there for – the Pastel de Tres Leches.  We were both pretty stuffed by that point, so we decided to share a slice.  Good thing we did because it was a very large slice.

Super moist and soaked with milk, definitely not good for my mild lactose intolerance, but I forged ahead into its deliciousness.  It was topped with cream and coconut flakes, and thankfully it wasn’t overly sweet.  I liked that the cake was robust enough to handle being soaked in milk, so it wasn’t an unpleasant soggy texture.  Mark said it wasn’t as good as the one he had in Mexico (booo), but he gave it a thumbs up nonetheless.

Besides the excellent food, we always find the service to be quick and attentive, and this visit was no exception.  I have yet to be disappointed with the food at Los Chilitos and I hope it stays that way because I plan on going back for some more Mexican brunch.

Los Chilitos Taco & Tequila House
1309 17 Avenue SW
Calgary, AB T2T 0C4
Phone: 403-228-5528

Los Chilitos Taco and Tequila House on Urbanspoon


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