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Last night was one of those “don’t feel like cooking” nights so we ordered our usual from Sushi & Co. I wrote about Sushi & Co earlier as part of my favourite Calgary Asian eats so this is the perfect opportunity to write a little more about this awesome place.

I can never resist getting the Takoyaki, or Octopus Croquettes as they’re described on the menu. It’s basically deep-fried balls of savoury pancake batter with pieces of octopus, topped with bonito flakes and served with a special mayo-based dipping sauce. They’re soft on the inside with a nice chewy texture from the octopus and it’s a pleasing, savoury flavour that I can’t adequately describe. They’re delightful!

We also got 7 pieces of sashimi (4 salmon, 3 tuna).  On the menu, it’s either 7 pieces of tuna sashimi or 7 pieces of salmon sashimi, but if you ask them to give you “half and half”, they’ll give you a combo of both (you can choose which sashimi you want one more piece of).  I like sashimi, but I’m more into rolls, so the sashimi is really for Mark.  The few times I’ve had their sashimi in the past, it’s always been fresh.

Can’t go wrong with a Spicy Salmon Roll.  The spicy sauce is sriracha-based and it has a nice amount of heat.  I think they also use soy sauce and a couple of other ingredients, but I can’t be too sure.  The cucumbers give it a nice crunchy texture and it works well against the richness of the fish.  You can also get the tuna variety instead.

These were more for me, as I prefer rolls.  I got my two favourites – the Yam Tempura Roll and the Dynamite Roll.  They’re pretty standard issue, but they’re done really well.  You know what they say – it’s the simple things that are easiest to mess up.  The yam is always perfectly fried and has a nice firmness, so it’s not too mushy, and the dynamite roll is pretty dynamite.  See what I did there?  Yeah… lame.

I’m always more than satisfied when I order from Sushi & Co.  I think the pricing is fairly average and honestly I don’t mind paying a bit more for quality sushi.  My orders are ready in 10-25 minutes, depending on how busy they are, and since I live so close it’s not a terrible inconvenience to wait a bit longer.  Always an excellent take-out choice.

Sushi & Co.
103, 683 10 Street SW
Calgary, AB
Phone: (403) 532-7876

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