viva la vancouver eats: dessert@ true confections

To round out our epic meal at Zakkushi, we waddled walked over to True Confections (Denman Street location), which is literally across the street.  Oh, how convenient!  This is another one of the places that our foodie friend introduced us to and we were instantly hooked (the first time we went, Mark ordered a steamed milk with almond and we tease him about it TO THIS DAY.  It’s seriously one of the most random drinks to order, lol).

What’s unique about True Confections is that it’s solely desserts.  That’s right – no other meal but dessert.  At first one may think, “really?  The concept is ONLY desserts?  Is it feasible?”  Seeing that they’ve been around since 1989 and they’ve won numerous awards since then, it’s safe to say that the concept has worked out well.  The Denman Street location is perfectly situated around dozens of eateries, which makes it a perfect stop for not only for an after-dinner treat, but to prolong the night (especially if lingering in the restaurant is not an option – ie. Zakkushi with their 2-hour seating limit).  In that way, the ladies behind True Confections are GENIUSES.

Even though it was a Friday night, we managed to get a table as soon as we walked in.  Normally, the place is packed to capacity and we’ve had to wait for a table.  I suppose it was still fairly early based on Vancouver standards (not even 9pm at that point), so I’m sure the masses were still enjoying their main meals.  The space itself is fairly large and the decor is minimal, most likely to highlight their huge display case of towering homemade cakes and pies.  Mmmmm.

My first time at True Confections, I had the Hazelnut Belgian Mousse (flourless dark chocolate cake, piled with chocolate mousse and shards of chocolate) and I was instantly hooked.  I’ve also tried the Boston Cream Pie (vanilla sponge cake, vanilla custard and chocolate glaze) and The Diplomat (vanilla cake, vanilla custard, vanilla buttercream and puff pastry). When it comes to cakes, I prefer classic vanilla. There’s something about vanilla cake that outshines chocolate cake any day of the week. Don’t get me wrong – I ADORE chocolate – but when it comes to cake, Vanilla > Chocolate.  I really enjoyed the Boston Cream Pie and The Diplomat, although I did find the actual cake part of both to be a tad on the dry side.

Having said that, out of the three that I’ve tried, my favourite, hands down, is the Hazelnut Belgian Mousse.  Well, it’s cheating a little bit because technically it’s not so much a cake as a mousse.  It’s incredibly smooth, creamy, and decadently rich – like a knockout punch of chocolate to the tastebuds.  So naturally, it was my choice this time around.

I should’ve taken a picture that would accurately show you just how large this slice really was.  They’re massive!  Like the size of my face (and I have a fairly large face so you know it’s BIG!!).  They certainly don’t skimp on the portion sizes at all.  I got myself a plain coffee to go with it (I thought the bitterness of coffee would go well with the sweetness of the chocolate) and it was pretty difficult to finish it.  But I’m a trooper and I ate every last bit.  It would be such a terrible waste to leave any of it on the plate.

Mark was a little undecided so he went purely on appearance – he spotted this cake in the display and decided that this was going to be his choice.  He later found out that he’d ordered the Chocolate Orange (chocolate cake and Grand Marnier mousse).  It was actually a pretty good choice.  The cake itself was nicely moist and the Grand Marnier-flavoured frosting went really well with it.  He didn’t have the steamed milk with almond (LOL); he had an Earl Grey tea.

After our cakes, we were both literally K.O’ed.  I personally love desserts as I have quite a sweet tooth, so being able to get a gigantic slice of chocolate heaven after a meal makes me one happy gal.  We really don’t have a place like this in Calgary.  I mean, there is one, but it was such a big disappointment when we went (super small, over-priced slices of dry, stale cake… blech).  I’ve had lengthy discussions with Mark about how successful a place like this would be in Calgary, since it’s sorely lacking in a decent dessert shop that not only serves quality products, but is open late.  But, until this happens in reality, I’ll just have to keep going back to True Confections.

True Confections
866 Denman Street
Vancouver, BC V6G 2L9
Phone: (604) 682-6158

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2 thoughts on “viva la vancouver eats: dessert@ true confections”

  1. Oh that is a genius concept! And the yummies look like heaven on a plate. You had an amazing time at Eatfest :) I really need to rush to Vancouver. It sounds exactly like the perfect place for me.

    Have a great weekend!

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