viva la vancouver delights: soirette macarons & tea

Soon after our delicious lunch feast, we were scheduled to meet up with one of Mark’s childhood friends from Ottawa, who had moved to Burnaby with his wife sometime last year.  The last time we’d met up with them, it was miserably gray and raining, and we’d met at a bubble tea place located in a shady part of town.  This time around, with the weather being so amazing and not wanting to venture too far off from the downtown area, I found a place that was walking distance from our hotel, Soirette Macarons & Tea.

Soirette is a relatively new place, located in the beautiful community of Coal Harbour.  I was instantly hooked by the promise of French macarons (not to be confused with macaroons) and their extensive assortment of loose-leaf tea.  I thought this would be a nice place to go; something different from the usual coffee shop or bakery, plus it was open on Easter Sunday (always a bonus in my books).

The place itself is quite tiny, with only a few tables.  Bad luck for us – I guess other people had the same idea so the place was quite busy.  We decided that since it was so nice outside, we’d take our goodies to go and hang out at Coal Harbour.

The interior is really lovely – simply decorated, smelled fantastic, where the desserts and tea are the highlights.

They have a beautiful assortment of macarons and other desserts.  I would’ve taken better photos, however there was a lack of space between all the people in the line and the tables that were occupied.

Mark and I got half a dozen macarons to share in vanilla, chocolate, and pistachio.  They really do look lovely.  I opted not to get a tea this time around (I was feeling too warm to have a hot beverage), but Mark got a London Fog.  They seem to take great care in preparing their tea as it didn’t come out instantly (nor was it made with a generic tea bag).

The verdict on the macarons?  SCRUMPTIOUS!  I’m a HUGE fan of macarons, ever since I tried them at the Rimrock Hotel in Banff (their pastry chef, Guy Vaugeois, makes the most amazing macarons).  The shells were perfectly smooth, with no cracks, with a crispy exterior and a chewy interior, just the way macarons should be.  I liked that they weren’t overly sweet and the filling ratio was just perfect.  My favourite was the pistachio – a really nice, subtle nutty flavour.  Yum.  I only wish my belly were vacant enough to house more of those morsels, but alas, it wasn’t meant to be.  As for Mark’s London Fog, I’ve never tried a London Fog that tasted the way this did.  It had an incredible floral quality that I didn’t think was possible with Earl Grey tea.  Mmmmm.

Soirette is a really delightful place and I’ll certainly be going back on my next visit to Vancouver.

Soirette Macarons & Tea
1433 W Pender Street
Vancouver, BC V6G 2S3
Phone: (604) 558-3308

Soirette Macarons & Tea on Urbanspoon


2 thoughts on “viva la vancouver delights: soirette macarons & tea”

  1. It looks delightful, and like a place I would go to every day if I could. The pistachio macaron sounds perfect on all levels. What a wonderful place to spend time at.

    I really wish I lived in Vancouver…ugh!

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