viva la vancouver delights: chocolaterie de la nouvelle france

To fill up some time after lunch, we headed over to Main Street so that I could go check out one of my favourite stores, Front & Company.  I love going there – they have such a unique collection of goodies.  Mark, on the other hand, isn’t really into it, but I drag him into the store anyway.

We parked on a side street in a residential area and headed over to the store.  On the way, we passed by this tiny little chocolate shop called Chocolaterie de la Nouvelle France.  I was intrigued, but we didn’t stop in on the way to Front & Company.

On the way back however, curiosity got the best of me so we headed inside.

It’s a tiny little shop, but it’s beautifully adorned with hand-crafted chocolates, truffles, and chocolate sauces.  The chocolatier was busy making goodies in the kitchen.

We didn’t really know what to get, so we just got a few truffles and a couple of chocolate squares to try.  They obviously take great care and pride with their products because the truffles and chocolates we chose were lovingly wrapped and labelled.

First up, the cayenne pepper truffles.

Beautifully rich chocolate, mmmmm.  The cayenne actually sneaks up on you at the end.  It was actually quite an interesting experience, having this heat spread in the throat afterwards.  The heat definitely lingered, but these were delicious.

Next up, chili flake chocolate squares.

Like the cayenne truffles, the heat really hits you afterwards.  I love the combination of the chili and the chocolate.

Lastly, Earl Grey tea truffles.

Wow!  These were SOOO amazing!  At first, your palate is hit with this amazing floral flavour of the Earl Grey tea, then you’re left with the rich chocolate.  What sorcery is this?  How does one create such a magnificent taste sensation?

Our chocolates even came with description cards!

I’m really glad we stumbled upon this little shop.  The chocolates are a little pricey, but they’re definitely worth it.  We would’ve gone back for more, but that would’ve been dangerous on the waistline.

Chocolaterie de la Nouvelle France
198 East 21st Avenue
Vancouver, BC
Phone: (604) 566-1065

Chocolaterie de la Nouvelle France on Urbanspoon


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