seattle eats: portage bay cafe

It’s no secret that I love breakfast foods, more than I love food in general.  That is saying a lot.  It’s a ton of love for breakfast, let me tell you.  So how excite was I at the prospect of having a hearty breakfast before starting our first official day in Seattle?  SO MUCH EXCITE.

The beauty of visiting Seattle is that we get our very own personal tour guides, courtesy of Mark’s sister Rachel and her husband Jason.  Sure, I had my own list of food places to check out, but it’s also nice to have someone who loves food as much as I do (Jason) introduce us to places we might otherwise have missed on our own.  So off we went to Portage Bay Cafe (Roosevelt location).

It was around 10:00 a.m. and a hearty crowd had already gathered outside the door waiting for a table.  This is always a good sign to me. Luckily, Jason had made a reservation so it was only a few minutes of waiting to get our table cleared.

We got a window table (score!) inside the bustling cafe.  It smelled of breakfast.  Mmmmmmm. The high ceiling gives the space a nice, open and spacious feel, even though it’s filled with hungry diners.

I usually like to keep it simple when it comes to breakfast, so I settled for Phil’s Breakfast (three eggs any style, pepper bacon, served with a slice of homemade organic whole wheat toast).  I substituted fresh organic fruit slices for the potatoes to keep it on the lighter side.  Plus, I have a habit of not eating fresh fruits and veggies while I’m on vacation, which is not so good for the digestive system (if you know what I mean… too much info? Too late!).  I got my eggs scrambled and they were perfectly cooked (no browning = perfect), and the fruit was juicy and sweet.  The slice of bread was a bit dense for my liking and the bacon could’ve been a bit crispier.  Then again, I have pretty high (if not impossible) standards for bacon – I like mine to be crispy to a point that if I were to throw a piece against the wall, it would shatter instantly (on a side note, at a previous job where I was responsible for selecting the catering for a work conference, I actually requested that the bacon be cooked “wall-shatteringly crispy” and they actually obliged!  It was possibly the best bacon I’ve had in my life).

Mark wanted to keep it light as well so he opted for one of the specials – Alaskan Halibut Ceviche (Rachel got the same thing).  Looks amazing!  Mark really enjoyed it.  In fact, he ate it so fast, he ended up helping me finish my breakfast… so much for eating lighter, LOL.

I really don’t know how Jason does it, but the guy eats a lot and manages to stay slim!  So jealous.  I had to take a picture of his French toast after he came back from the toppings bar.  This was in addition to his breakfast plate, which is essentially the Phil’s Breakfast but with the option of having pancakes or french toast (Rancher’s Breakfast).  If I were at the toppings bar, I probably would go a little crazy and come back with a mountain of random things.  Probably a good thing I played it safe.

All in all, a great breakfast experience.  Service was fast and friendly, and we were out of there in about an hour, which is not bad considering how busy the place was.  The line-up outside never seemed to quit, either, so we didn’t linger too long.

Oh, and I quite enjoy their tagline.  Don’t you worry, Portage Bay Cafe, I always eat like a give a damn.

Portage Bay Cafe (Roosevelt Location)
4130 Roosevelt Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105
Phone: (206) 547-8230

Portage Bay Cafe on Urbanspoon


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