seattle sights: museum of flight & boeing factory tour

With our bellies full of breakfast goodies, we headed to Mark’s most favourite place in Seattle (ok, that might be a slight exaggeration, but he makes a point of visiting every time he’s in Seattle) – the Museum of Flight.  With the weather being so-so, the plan was to keep the activities indoors to maximise the forecast of sunny skies for the rest of the days (which turned out to be disappointing in reality, but I digress).

Lucky for us, it happened to be the day that the Space Shuttle Trainer Crew Cabin was to be delivered by the NASA Super Guppy and we got there just in time to join the large crowd gathered in the east parking lot waiting for the Super Guppy to make its appearance.  The announcer did his best to keep us occupied – due to the weather, the Super Guppy was about an hour behind schedule.

But it finally made its appearance!

It looks more like a gigantic flying whale, but I suppose its aptly named.

Mr. Astronaut was also on hand mingling with the crowd.

High-five!  That guy in the blue shirt kept photo-bombing my shots of Mr. Astronaut.  He seems pleased with himself.

It would take about another half hour for the Super Guppy to land, so we decided to head inside the museum and have a look around while the majority of visitors waited outside.  Plus, all the good spots were taken so we wouldn’t have gotten much of a view at that point anyway.

Excuse me, Sir, but you seem to have forgotten your pants.

Mechanical stuff!  I swear Mark spent the majority of his time near this engine.

Like a kid in a candy store.

Hey guys that looks like fun, can I join in?

This would be an awesome way to get to work.

Into the “Hatch” we went!

Temporary sleep station… how does one sleep in there?

This would make an epic Halloween costume.

Imagine if gynecologist visits were like this… No thanks!

Out on the Air Park, I took a visit inside Air Force One.

Epic wood-paneling.

Seats look comfy, though.  I kept hearing Harrison Ford inside my head, “Get off my plane.”  I did as I was told.

And then off we went to the WWII and WWI exhibits.

I’m presuming that’s Hitler’s head on the deer…

This looks like a very serious meeting.

And lucky for us, on the way out, we got a good view of the Super Guppy with its head open.

All I knew about the Museum of Flight was that it had a bunch of airplanes.  I was pleasantly surprised as there was a lot more to see than I’d imagined.  Now I see why Mark enjoys it so much.  It’s a geek paradise… and I mean in that in a nice way.  I admit that it unleashed my inner aviation geek.

To top off the afternoon, we headed over the Future of Flight for the Boeing Factory Tour.  No photographic evidence of the tour, unfortunately, as Boeing keeps it locked down pretty tight.   It was actually quite fascinating and our tour guide Mary was informative and humourous.  We learned random facts like the darker the paint colour of the plane, the more weight it adds.  And that people often mistake the Korean Air plane for a Pepsi plane (which I thought was pretty amusing).

I definitely recommend the Museum and the factory tour combo platter as a great way to spend a not-so-good-weather day.  Get your Aviation Geek on!


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