seattle eats: old village (yet-gol) korean restaurant

All the airplane viewing got our bellies hungry for some food action.  Rachel loves Korean food so she suggested Old Village Korean Restaurant, a grill-it-yourself charcoal BBQ place that she frequents whenever a craving for deliciously marinated grilled meats hits her.

Old Village is unique in that it’s the “only Korean restaurant in Washington that has charcoal BBQ burners built into the tables” (as per their About Us page).  Charcoal BBQ, you say?  I was quite intrigued.

The menu is quite extensive with a number of traditional Korean dishes.  I was a bit overwhelmed with it so I let Rachel do the menu selections since she was familiar with the items.  I think we ended up ordering 3 portions of the Galbi (seasoned and marinated beef ribs).

Once the charcoal BBQ pit in our table was lit, the hood was lowered all the way down.  I quickly discovered that it was to prevent the embers from flying all over the table while the charcoal heated up.

Our gigantic platter of Galbi appeared in no time with some sliced onions and one lonely button mushroom.

The Galbi also came with a simple salad.

It didn’t take much time for the grilling to begin.  The aroma of the charcoal BBQ and the marinated meat was intoxicating.  The only bad thing about the meat was that it took a while to cook – it was cut pretty thick.  The flavour of the meat was excellent – sweet & savoury.  It was on the chewy side, however, but the flavour more than made up for it.

We were also presented with a fermented soybean soup (daenjang) and a nice selection of side dishes (banchan), my favourites being the sauteed fish cakes (oh-daeng) and the tofu. The best part?  Regular refills of side dishes!  They came swiftly and frequently.

After all the meat and side dishes were consumed, we were all pretty stuffed.  It didn’t look like much food to begin with, but with all the refills of side dishes and having to eat a bit slowly due to the meat taking longer to grill, the food caught up with us.

Old Village is definitely one of the better Korean restaurants I’ve been to.  If we’d had more time in Seattle, I would’ve loved to try some of their other dishes. Hopefully I can go on my next visit.

Old Village Korean Restaurant
15200 Aurora Ave N
Seattle, WA 98133
Phone: (206) 365-6679

Old Village Korean Restaurant on Urbanspoon


2 thoughts on “seattle eats: old village (yet-gol) korean restaurant”

  1. Yum, galbi is my favourite of the grilled-meaty things on offer here, its delicious. That place looks extremely authentic, even down to the hood pulled down over the charcoal grill and the free refills of banchan!!!

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