seattle food truck eats: maximus / minimus

Ah, food trucks.  Ever since Food Network Canada started airing Eat St., I’ve been making mental notes of places I need to visit, if only to eat at a featured food truck (one of my goals is to plan a food-truck-fiesta trip to Portland soon.  I might get really fat but it would be so worth it).

Naturally, when it came time to start hammering out the finer details of our trip to Seattle, eating at food trucks was at the top of my to-do list.  One such food truck that was a must-visit was Maximus/Minimus.

Their regular spot at 2nd & Pike was really easy to find and get to.  There were only a few people in line when we arrived (the chillier weather might’ve had something to do with it) so we didn’t have to wait long to put in our order.

I got myself the MAXImus, which is the spicier version of their pulled pork.  I opted out of the coleslaw because I wanted to save room for more eating later down the road, plus the sandwich itself looked pretty substantial.  The sauce had just the right amount of heat for my taste and the addition of the cilantro provided an earthy freshness and some crunch.  The pork itself was lean, but I wished that there was a tad bit more sauce added.  Overall, a very nice pulled pork sandwich.  I also got the hibiscus nectar to go with the sandwich, which was very refreshing and floral. Yum!  Deliciousness right in my belly.

Mark also got the MAXImus, but with 2x “hurt” (extra heat) with a side of miniMUS slaw to balance out the heat.  He was actually super choked that they’d run out of the Mac & Cheese because that’s what he really wanted.  Mark has an insane level of tolerance for spice and didn’t find the “hurt” spicy enough for him (!!!), but really enjoyed the freshness of the slaw.

A visit to The Pig was the perfect way to kick-off my Food Truck Wish List.  Believe the hype, folks – they back it up with high quality food that hits all the right notes.

Maximus / Minimus
Downtown Seattle
2nd & Pike
Seattle, WA 98101
Phone: (206) 601-5510

Maximus Minimus on Urbanspoon


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