seattle eats: holy cannoli italian delicacies

Feeling a little peckish and wanting a quiet place to rest our feet after taking in the sights of Chihuly Glass and Garden, we did a quick search on nearby coffee places and decided on Holy Cannoli because 1) we love cannoli, 2) apparently we hadn’t consumed enough sugar for the day after pastries, macarons, and beignets, 3) CANNOLI!  Obviously.

The owner (Adrienne, I believe) was behind the counter after what looked like a busy day.  We’d arrived at the mid-afternoon point and happened to be the only patrons.  Which worked perfectly since we were looking for a quiet place.

We placed our order for italian sodas and three cannoli (which are smaller than I’m used to, but probably a good thing considering all the sweets I’d eaten that day).  While we waited for our order, we chatted with Adrienne about our trip to Seattle, the places we’d been and were planning to visit, and how she hand-whips the fillings for the cannoli (impressive!), all the while putting together the sodas and the cannoli.

I got a strawberry Italian soda which was nice and refreshing.  As for the cannoli flavours, I think we got The Holy Cannoli (traditional cream), the Esmaraldi Chocolati (chocolate cream) and the PB & C (peanut butter and chocolate cream).  The hand-whipped cream was amazingly rich and smooth and not overly sweet.  The shell was on the softer side – I would’ve preferred it crisper, but it was still tasty nonetheless.

It was a nice place to kick back, relax, and enjoy a treat.

Holy Cannoli
2720 3rd Avenue
Seattle, WA 98121
Phone: (206) 841-8205

Holy Cannoli on Urbanspoon


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