seattle eats: umi sake house

To round out a day of epic eating and to prepare ourselves for an upcoming Seattle Mariners game, Rachel took us to one of her favourite sushi places, Umi Sake House.

Umi Sake House is known for their daily Happy Hour menu that goes from 4-6pm, which features an assortment of appetizers, rolls, sashimi, and alcoholic beverages (after all, it’s not happy hour without a few libations).

We arrived about 15 minutes before the close of Happy Hour, just enough time to squeeze in a few items from that menu.

A plate of complimentary edamame appeared very shortly after we arrived.  Woot!

From the Happy Hour menu we got a California Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll, and Agedashi Tofu.  The rolls were done really well – a nice ratio of rice to filling, and both of them were fresh and well seasoned.  I think it’s more telling how well a sushi place can do simple rolls like the California and Spicy Tuna versus the more elaborate, unique rolls.  As for the agedashi tofu, it’s really hard to mess this one up in my mind because I love tofu so much to begin with.  I also love anything deep fried.  Compared to other numerous agedashi tofus I’ve had, this one is probably amongst the best.  The cubes of silken tofu were fried to crispy goodness with a light batter and served in warm dipping sauce.

Mark is a noodle/soup fiend so he got himself a Tempura Udon – nicely seasoned broth with perfectly chewy noodles.  He would’ve preferred the tempura to come on the side so they stayed crispy, but it wasn’t a huge deal.

We wanted to get one of their more unique rolls off the regular menu, but weren’t sure what to get (they have so many too choose from!).  We ended up with the Moonraker upon recommendation from our server.  This role is jam-packed with goodness – spicy yellowtail, cucumber & cilantro, topped with seared spicy snow crab mix, black tobiko, green onions, jalapeno-citrus sauce and truffle oil.  I mean, wow!  How can you go wrong with that kind of description?  It’s the first time I’ve seen this combination of ingredients and it sounded so intriguing.  The verdict?  Deeee-lish!  I don’t think I’ve ever had a sushi roll with cilantro or jalapeno-citrus sauce, but the combination of everything together worked so well.  There was a bit of sweet, spicy, savoury, and freshness and crunch from the cucumber, which was a great mix of textures.  I’m so glad our server recommended this roll!

Overall, our meal at Umi Sake House was wonderful.  The rolls were well-made, the service was quick and attentive, and we got to try a very unique roll with a combination of flavours that I would’ve never expected to work so well together.  As far as sushi places go, this ranks pretty high in my books.

Umi Sake House
2230 1st Ave
Seattle, WA 98121
Phone: (206) 374-8717

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