seattle eats: bottega italiana

**Jason’s Epic Food Tour – Stop 4 of 6**

For a bit of a palate cleanser and a break from the savoury foods, the next stop was Bottega Italiana to indulge in some delicious gelato.

By the time we’d ended our meal at Red Mill, the weather had turned on us and it started pouring.  The downpour continued and wouldn’t quit, so weather-wise it wasn’t looking like a nice time to have gelato.  But really, I’m an ice cream fiend (which has already been mentioned) and I will eat frozen delights any time of year, in any type of weather.

It appears that not everyone shares a similar philosophy on frozen treats, so when we arrived at Bottega, it was empty save for a table occupied near the window by a young family.  All the better to enjoy my frozen treat in a nice, quiet atmosphere.

Jason and Rachel opted for the lighter fruit flavours (watermelon and cantaloupe), while Mark and I got hazelnut and milk chocolate – why not make our own Nutella-inspired creation?

For a small cup, we got two pretty substantial scoops of gelato.  I can see why Bottega has been voted as having the “best gelato” by locals. They pride themselves on using fresh, seasonal ingredients without any artificial colourings, flavourings, or preservatives.  It certainly tasted fresh and lovingly prepared.  Both the milk chocolate and the hazelnut were exceptionally creamy with a beautifully smooth mouth feel.  The flavours were bold and pronounced, especially the chocolate, which was surprisingly rich and deep.

We lingered a little longer, waiting for the rain to pass and readying our stomachs for the next stop.  It wasn’t the most perfect setting for a gelato, but it was so tasty that it didn’t matter what was going on outside.

Bottega Italiana (Green Lake location)
409 NE 70th St
Seattle, WA 98115
Phone: (206) 524-4416

Bottega Italiana on Urbanspoon


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