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seattle sights & eats: bellevue farmers market

After filling our bellies full of Skillet deliciousness, I felt like I needed to go out and do something.  I thought it’d be a waste to spend the last few hours before our flight just sitting at Rachel’s place watching TV.  Thank the magical powers of Google because a few minutes later, I discovered that Bellevue Farmers Market was on that day and not too far of a drive from where we were.  Jackpot!

Naturally the first thing I noticed were the food trucks.  What can I say?  My eyes are always on the lookout for nomnoms.  The first we stopped by was The Box.

Feeling a little peckish, we got a couple of steamed Asian buns filled with pork belly (right) and shredded pork (left).  My goodness were they ever delicious!  The pork belly bun came with a slaw dressed in Asian flavours, and the shredded pork had a nice freshness from more Hawaiian flavours.  Mmmmm.

Then we strolled down to Veraci Pizza to partake in some delicious thin crust pizza consumption.  We got a slice (which is actually a quarter of an 18-inch pie – that’s a pretty gigantic slice) of their Market Special (I think it was called a deluxe?).

Their mobile oven!

OMG this pizza was some of the most amazing thin crust pizza I’ve ever had.  The combination of toppings with their signature three-cheese blend (Romano, Parmesan, Mozzarella) on a beautifully crisp, wood-fired crust was just what we were craving.

We also passed by the Molly Moon truck, but by that time we were fairly stuffed.  I walked away very, very reluctantly.  Oh, it was so hard to walk away without getting a cone.

On the way out we picked up some gorgeous macarons from Lilli Pilli.

And with that, our Seattle trip was complete.  Hitting the farmers market was a nice way to spend time out in the sun (an unnaturally sunny day for us, having seen rain the majority of the trip) and eat some good food.


8 thoughts on “seattle sights & eats: bellevue farmers market”

  1. I’m trying to figure out how many mini (or sometimes not so mini) meals you have a day…I think you’re eating your way through the stuff my dreams are made of!!! While I like Korean food, I’m looking forward to having more options to choose from on our next adventures – your blogs make me sooooooo hungry :)

    1. When we’re on vacation, it’s ridiculous! We figured out that having several mini meals is much easier on the stomach than having three giant meals (like in Vancouver.. we learned our lesson the hard way). Definitely not something that is sustainable though and we have to balance it out by working our arses off (literally and figuratively) in daily life by exercising and eating more moderately. I’m totally the opposite lately – I’m really craving Korean comfort food!

      1. Mini meals is very sensible – and that way you get to try everything! We’re looking forward to our upcoming holiday when we’ll get to eat our through other parts of Asia…exciting! Sounds like you need to get your mum to make you a big pot of taktoritang :)

          1. Yum! We made it once and blogged about it! It was pretty good :) I bet your mum’s version is much, much better. And its not the kind of dish you can get anywhere else other than a Korean mum’s kitchen, which we aren’t privy to, sob, sob.

            1. I remember that post, so awesome! I’m sure my mom would be up for visiting Korea and cooking for you guys, for a small fee? lol.. I should start a business called Rent-A-Korean-Mom.

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