without papers pizza

On a rainy Sunday evening, feeling completely uninspired by what was in the fridge and pantry, I convinced Mark that we definitely needed to go out and get some pizza.  Because you know, rainy Sunday evenings are just meant for trying out a pizza joint that I’ve been meaning to get to but just haven’t been able to find the right timing.  After nearly five years together, I’ve learned the trick to breaking down Mark’s resistance is to just keep repeating myself over and over again (this technique has to be used sparingly because the rare times he fights back and refuses to give in, it’s a very devastating feeling.. lol).  But this time I won.  Hah!  So off we went to Without Papers Pizza.

Without Papers is a casual eatery located in Inglewood, which I think is one of the most quaint neighbourhoods in Calgary.  I love the mix of shops and eateries in the area and I don’t visit nearly as much as I should.  By the time we parked the car it had started to pour, so we made a mad dash upstairs into the warm, inviting atmosphere and took a seat near the back of the dining area.  There were only a few tables occupied, which I figured was due to the dreary weather and it being Sunday evening.

We decided to take it a bit easy so we started off with Micheleangelo’s beef and pork meatballs.  They were nicely seasoned and came in a fresh but rich tomato sauce.  I found the texture slightly tough for my liking since I prefer my meatballs to be super tender, but overall the flavour was there and I liked their combination of beef and pork.

For the pizza, we got the Hutch (spicy cacciatore salami, spicy calabrese salami, sauteed pepperonata, fiore di latte, tomato sauce).  I’m all about the crust when it comes to pizza so I was pleased to see that there was a substantial amount of super crisp crust on this pie.  I loved the combination of the spicy salami with the fresh peppers and mildness of the cheese.  I also loved that the crust underneath the toppings stayed crisp (I’m really not into soggy crusts) so the toppings didn’t slide off when I picked up a slice.

To finish off the meal, I got a scoop of their homemade lemon ice cream, which is not pictured because I guess I lost my picture-taking abilities after the amazingness of the pizza and my shot turned out embarrassingly fuzzy.  It was a nice palate cleanser with a huge lemon flavour – almost like a sorbet because it wasn’t overly creamy and very refreshing.

Overall, we really enjoyed our casual dinner at Without Papers.  I’d like to go back with an emptier stomach next time to try a couple more of their pizza offerings and some of their other desserts sound quite intriguing.

Without Papers
1216 9th Ave SE
Calgary, AB T2G0T1
Phone: (403) 457-1154

Without Papers on Urbanspoon


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