una pizza & wine

I’d been meaning to check out Una Pizza & Wine for a while, but it’s really the same old sob story – life takes over, other things take priority, being a grown-up is so much fun isn’t it?  Well, the stars aligned and we finally made it there on a Saturday afternoon, just before we headed off to watch The Dark Knight Rises (side note: you can tell how behind I am on restaurant posts because we went to see it on opening weekend).  We’d also just finished an epic workout, so our bellies were aching for some delicious pizza action.

I love the vibe at Una.  It’s casual, it’s fun, and people look like they’re having a great time.  It’s best to get there early because it’s a popular spot and they don’t take reservations.  Their first come, first serve philosophy is something I’ve been seeing at newer restaurants, but they balance out the unpredictability factor by tweeting wait times regularly.  Plus, you don’t have to hang around if you do decide to wait – they’ll take your name and number down and call as soon as a table opens up, which frees you to go have drinks or check out the shops along 17th Avenue.

We got there after prime lunching hour, around 1:30pm, and snagged a table no problem.  The service is really fantastic – we were seated and attended to immediately.

To start, we got the Broxburn farms tomato salad with local burrata, crispy salami, and herb salad.  I was quite surprised at how much I loved the burrata, a fresh Italian cheese made from mozzarella and cream.  It has an incredibly soft, milky texture and a very mild flavour that went really well with the acidity of the tomatoes.  The salad components were simply dressed, allowing the freshness to be the highlight.  If you think about it, this type of salad is ridiculously simple, but it’s the ridiculously simple things that can go very wrong.  That was not an issue at Una, as this salad was absolutely amazing and well-crafted.

One cannot go to Una and not try a pizza.  We chose the Chef’s Feature: meatballs, mushrooms, scallions, tomato sauce, provolone, arugula, grana padano.  I was basically sold at “meatballs”.  I mean, meatballs on a pizza?  YES PLEASE!  The pizza itself really hit the spot.  I find the crust to have a very subtle sweetness, which actually balanced out well with all of the savoury ingredients.  It was also crisp with a nice, chewy texture that I love in thin crust pizzas.  The bitterness of the arugula on top helped to cut through the richness of the meatballs and tomato sauce.  Whoever thought of putting arugula on a pizza is a genius.  My only issue was that the crust near the centre got a little soggy and worse for wear, but it tasted so good that I didn’t care (ooh, I made a rhyme).

I’m really glad I finally got myself down to Una.  We had a great time chilling in the relaxed atmosphere and our server was incredibly friendly and attentive.  I can’t wait to go back to try some of their other pizza offerings.

Una Pizza & Wine
618 17 Ave SW
Calgary, AB T2S0B4
Phone: (403) 453-1183

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