I had a slight meltdown about turning 30 this year.  There’s something about 30.  It’s the end of being able to attribute any ridiculous mistakes to being young and naive (something you can do well into your 20’s).  It’s the end of being a young adult.  It’s the end of many things.  But why is it so scary?  It’s not like 30 is old by any means.  I think maybe I’m just a tad more aware of how fast time is moving and that I can’t live in my hoodies forever (it’s sad that a common thought that runs through my head is, “dude, you are TOO OLD to wear that, put it DOWN”).

So a few days shy of my 30th birthday, Mark whisked me off to Farm to enjoy a pleasant dinner.  I’d been to Farm just once before, on a New Year’s Eve with my good friend and her husband, and I remembered how lovely that evening was – food, atmosphere, company – the whole nine yards.  Going back to Farm, I was excited to try out a regular night out and see what other goodies we could uncover.

Farm is located along trendy Uptown 17th Ave.  It’s a small, cosy space that’s warmly lit and buzzing with conversations.  They pride themselves on sourcing their ingredients from local suppliers.  In their own words, “FARM stands for community, sharing good, wholesome food and knowledge, and honouring the farmers, growers, producers, foods and animals that grace the land.”  I can get behind that.

We were seated in the corner, behind the large communal table.  What follows will be descriptions of the items we ordered, but not the actual names of the dishes… because this was several months ago and their menu changes frequently.  And I believe we ordered the specials that were on that evening.

risottoTo start, we had this gorgeous mushroom risotto, topped with herb oil (which herb exactly, I can’t recall).  This was truly risotto perfection.  It was creamy, the risotto still had a good bite, the mushroom flavour was explosive, and we couldn’t eat it fast enough.  We polished it off pretty quickly.

steakFor my main, I chose the steak topped with crispy onions, sitting atop roasted potatoes.  My steak was perfectly cooked, the crispy onions added a nice crunchy texture to the whole dish, and the roasted potatoes were soft and flavourful.

chickenMark ordered the roast chicken special that came with sauteed greens and topped with coleslaw, which he said he enjoyed.

pbpotdecremeTo top off our meal, we ordered the Peanut Butter Pot de Creme.  Aside from the risotto, this is what I remember the most from this meal because it was simply DIVINE.  It was almost like a light, creamy peanut butter mousse.  It was a great combination of sweet and salty with the addition of the sea salt flakes on top.  I wished it was bigger… or that I could justify ordering another one.  Oh, I still think about it, IT WAS JUST THAT GOOD.

The evening ended on a delicious note and I felt slightly better about becoming old (just kidding).  If every turning-another-year-older meltdown ended with a Peanut Butter Pot de Creme, I think I could handle getting older.

1006 17 Ave SW
Calgary, AB T2T 0A5
Phone: (403) 245-2276

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