big catch

Sushi Love is big in our household.  Living in land-locked Calgary, we constantly long for the amazing sushi in Vancouver, but it’s incredibly difficult to find a local place that could match (or come close to) that level of quality.  Sushi is good in Calgary – don’t get me wrong – but sometimes one longs not for “good”, but for “great”.  In our quest to find sushi greatness, we may have stumbled upon a true contender in Big Catch.

Located amongst a collection of food vendors at the Kingsland Farmer’s Market, Big Catch has quickly established itself as one of the best sushi places in Calgary.  I’ve actually had their sushi on numerous occasions, mostly for take-out and a few times dining in with various people who I’ve turned into Big Catch fans.  Their limited operating hours (only open Thursday to Sunday) is really the only drawback of this place.  It’s a pseudo-fast food joint in that you order and pay at the till and they give you one of those buzzer things to alert you to when your order is ready (so that you can go wander the market if you want).  They can also make 90% of their menu Gluten-Free and even have gluten-free soy sauce.  Win!


Instead of focusing on one specific visit, I wanted to highlight the items we’ve ordered and enjoyed (spoiler alert: we’ve enjoyed ALL items ever ordered).

sushiplatter2One thing you notice right away about Big Catch (besides the super friendly dudes that operate it) is their artistry and eye for detail.  Take for example the wasabi dragon accompanying this collection of items from a visit with a few of my girlfriends.  And the carved carrots and radishes.  So pretty!  Their presentation is impeccable and it’s almost a shame to dig in and ruin their beautiful plates.  Here you see Spicy Tuna Rolls, Spicy Salmon Rolls, and Tuna and Salmon Sashimi.  The mark of a great roll is the rice-to-roll-filling ratio, which they execute perfectly.  The sashimi is always super fresh and come in big, generous slices.

dragonrollAgain, the artistry!  This is their Dragon Roll (cucumber and prawn tempura topped with avocado and unagi sauce), which my friend ordered and devoured happily.  Look at the crazy detail on the avocado!

sushitakeoutThe takeout option is always good, too, like this Big Catch Combo we frequently order to share.

sushiplatterOr a super sushi platter combo (Dinner for 4 – 2 Dynamite roll, 2 California roll, 1 Passion Sunrise, 1 Rodeo Rider, 1 Nine One One) we usually get when getting takeout for a visit with the in-laws.

The other stand-out items that I’ve had are the Tuna Tataki (lightly seared tuna marinated in tataki sauce, served with dill, green onion and garlic chips), which is surprisingly light and refreshing, and the Seaweed Salad (Seasoned seaweed, cucumber and daikon with yuzu wasabi sauce topped with tobiko), always so fresh and beautifully seasoned.

Whether dining in or taking to go, Big Catch is consistently awesome with their service, their food, and their ultra-friendliness.  Seriously, I just wanna hug them all.  I’d happily blow all my earnings eating here frequently if not for the limited opening hours.  It’s certainly worth the trip, though, and I really think that Big Catch is the best sushi joint in Calgary.  Hands down.  Sushi Greatness Mission: COMPLETE!

Big Catch
Located in Kingsland Farmer’s Market
7711 Macleod Trail SE
Calgary, AB T2H1C3
Phone: (403) 708-5555

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