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valentine’s doughnuts

Valentine’s Day has never really been my thing, single or attached.  Which I’m sure Mark is thoroughly thankful for, because I genuinely don’t need him to do anything special for me.  I think a tiny part of him is still suspicious even after nearly 7 years together, like I’ve been testing him the whole time to see if my “I’m not interested in Valentine’s Day” actually means “I expect something nonetheless.”  That really isn’t the case.  Honest!

So imagine my surprise when he came home with a Jelly Modern Doughnuts box containing 3 non-Valentine’s day themed doughnuts (a maple bacon, s’mores, and coconut).  A dozen roses, a fancy box of chocolates, or an expensive dinner has NOTHING on this box of random doughnuts.  This is exactly the way to my heart and my way of knowing that, indeed, this man is my soul mate.

doughnutsHe topped it off with what he called “not a Valentine’s Day card but a random I Love You oops I forgot to get you a birthday, happen to fall on a Valentine’s day” card.  *Happy sigh*

cardHope everyone had a love-filled, super special, heart-flutteringly amazing Valentine’s Day xoxo


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