the teahouse in stanley park

Because the universe likes to be funny sometimes, our last day in Vancouver ended up being the nicest weather-wise.  The clouds parted, the rays of the sun poured down, and the general mood of the city seemed to lighten significantly.  Our flight home wasn’t until later that evening, so we had the better part of a day to take advantage of.  One of the things we definitely wanted to squeeze in before we left was a walk along the Stanley Park loop of the 22km Seawall, a scenic path along Vancouver’s waterfront.  Along the way, we planned to stop at The Teahouse at Ferguson Point for a scenic lunch.


We started from the “0 km” marker by Coal Harbour and went around towards Burrard Inlet and Lions Gate Bridge.  The path is very well laid out and divided for walkers/joggers/runners and cyclists, and the view is spectacular.  Our feet were feeling pretty worn by the halfway point, but we soldiered on and eventually made it to the Teahouse at around 11:30 a.m.



signageIt was a sight for sore eyes (and feet).  The Teahouse itself is beautiful and sprawling, no doubt a popular spot for big events and weddings.  We were seated in the conservatory by the window with a view of the ocean and tons of natural light pouring in.  Only a couple of other tables were occupied at that point, but we saw car after car coming into the parking lot as time went by.

mintjulepWe had just walked nearly 8 kilometers, so Mark figured a drink was in order.  He got a Mint Julep, which is now his favourite drink.

breadWe were also given a basket of complimentary bread because one would be crazy to refuse free bread.  This bread was everything bread should be – warm, soft, with the right amount of chew and a crispy crust.

burgerFor his main, Mark chose the Chef’s Burger (fresh ground chuck patty, aged cheddar, portobellini) and substituted the fries for the Tuscan Salad.  He said it was a solid burger and the salad was very fresh.

fishnchipsI went with Annabelle’s Fish & Chips (tempura battered ling cod), my justification being that the amount of calories I had burned getting to the Teahouse would make up for the amount I was about to ingest.  I had also been craving fish & chips for a while, so I figured I would give this a try.  It came with a huge bed of crispy shoestring fries and two large pieces of cod.  The batter was light, crisp, and not overly greasy, and the fish moist and flaky.  What I really liked was that the ratio of batter-to-fish was spot-on, so I didn’t feel like I was getting a ton of batter in each bite.  It ranks pretty high on my list of “best fish & chips”.

Some of their desserts sounded amazing, but we were both too stuffed to get anything else.  By the time we had wrapped up our meal, the place was nearly packed, so I’m glad we got there when we did.  The menu items are a bit on the pricey side, but it’s worth it when you put the whole experience together as a package.  Aside from the beautiful view and delicious food, we had such great service from our server, who was friendly, knowledgeable, and seemed to really enjoy what he was doing.  Our first Teahouse experience was a great one, and we’ll be sure to return on our next jaunt out to the Seawall.

The Teahouse in Stanley Park
Ferguson Point
Vancouver, BC V6G3E2
Phone: (604) 669-3281

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