bella gelataria

I think gelato and ice cream taste better when it’s cold outside.  Dairy doesn’t seem to agree with me when I consume it in hot weather, so when it comes to overall consumption of iced treats, I tend to have a spike during the colder months vs. the summer months.

Winter in Vancouver is practically summer compared to Calgary, but it was still perfectly cool weather to enjoy some old world handcrafted artisan gelato from Bella Gelateria, a small shop conveniently located near the Vancouver Convention Centre.


Our first visit was in the evening during a stroll after dinner.  The shop itself is small and quaint, with just a few tables inside and some stools along the window.  Their gelato menu is quite extensive, with a collection of classic standard flavours that are available everyday, and some seasonal varieties that change regularly.  The issue with having so many flavours to choose from is that it can be overwhelming.  We were, however, welcome to try any of the flavours and some of them were truly unique.  One of the flavours I found quite intriguing was the White Coffee – a coffee-flavoured gelato that isn’t the traditionally coffee-shade.  By some magical process, the coffee flavour is infused, but the gelato remains creamy white.  Amazing!

gelato1In the end, we settled for half Torrincino (honey nougat) and half Salted Hazelnut.  The torrincino had a lovely honey flavour with pieces of chewy nougat throughout, while the salted hazelnut was just out of this world.  Who knew that salted flavours come in more than just salted caramel?  It’s like roasted, salted hazelnuts in gelato form.  Both flavours were pronounced and the texture was amazingly rich and creamy.

nightviewThe surrounding area is pretty nice, too.

We returned a few days later in the late afternoon to get a final scoop before heading back home.  This time, the shop was quite busy with a ton of traffic in and out of the shop.  We managed to snag a couple of stools in the back to settle in for a quick rest and gelato consumption.

gelato2This time, we went with the Toasted Pecan with a drizzle of maple syrup.  The toasted pecan flavour was so pronounced and prominent, it was like eating handfuls of toasted pecans with every spoonful.  As before, the gelato was rich and creamy – such a lovely, divine texture.  Mmmmm.

cannoliWe also got their version of a cannoli, a crisp cookie tube filled with caramel gelato.  Not your traditional cannoli, but decadent nonetheless.

The gelato is on the pricier side per scoop, but it’s worth it for the quality product.  If you’re a gelato lover, this place is a must-try.

Bella Gelateria
1001 W Cordova St
Vancouver, BC
Phone: (604) 569-1010

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