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Screenshot of the Yummie Nation Home Page
Screenshot of the Yummie Nation Home Page

About a month ago, a curious email landed in my inbox.  While I normally ignore most of these emails (as they’re generally of the bad grammar and obvious super scam variety), this one in particular intrigued me.  The email made a claim that “life is about to get yummier for you.”  Oh, you are sending me a lifetime supply of pork belly?  No?  Ok, so my dreams are a bit lofty.

For some reason, I had been targeted to join a new community of entertaining experts, food writers, competitors, and home cooking pros. I was especially intrigued by this part:

YN Contributors are hand-picked for their distinctive voice and engagement with the home entertainer. There is no cost to serve as a YN Contributor. We simply seek one blog submission per month that will be featured on your YN blog page.

I don’t get hand-picked very often.  In fact, I don’t remember the last time I was hand-picked for anything positive.  I’ve always regarded this blog as just some tiny speck amongst a sea of bigger, better, and bolder food blogs, a place where I come to share things that I ate and made only because it brings me tons of happiness vibes.  I don’t pretend to be something I’m not; I really am a picky eater foodie wannabe, I still suck at photography, I’m a hopelessly awkward introvert who becomes paralyzed at the mere hint of the word “networking”, and I really, truly only do this because it’s an immense pleasure in my life.  The fact that others have noticed this corner of my world really does make me feel wonderful.

So yes, I absolutely signed up to be part of the Yummie Nation family.

What exactly is Yummie Nation?  They say it better than I could articulate:

A dynamic online gathering of the best of the best bloggers in home cooking and entertaining. United they stand. Each with their unique take. Indivisible in their quest for the yummiest inspirations. Regular folks dishing out tips, tricks, pics and videos on how to keep the yum strumming in your life. One nation of original ideas to embolden home entertainers for inspired living.

Pretty awesome, right?  I even have my own page – click here to visit and see my first post.  Yup, I’m doing some shameless promotion, but don’t just check out my page – go check out the other YN Bloggers too!  If you’re also a food blogger, why not think about signing up and joining the YN family?  And no, they didn’t ask or sponsor me to promote YN here, but they’re awesome at promoting my blog through social media so I’m doing my part to get the word out there.

See you all on the Yummie side :)


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