workshop kitchen + culture

A couple of months ago, Mark and I had one of those traditional "Dinner & A Movie" dates because even after several years together, it's always important to keep "dating" each other.  Romance and all, ya know?  The movie of choice that evening was Interstellar, but before hitting the theatre, we hit a restaurant within… Continue reading workshop kitchen + culture



My mom celebrated her birthday last month and as an extra special treat, we took her for dinner to my favourite meatfest palace, Bolero, a Brazilian steakhouse that is every meat lover's dream.  I fondly remember the first time I ate at Bolero a number of years ago for a friend's birthday and the resulting… Continue reading bolero

charcut fall 2014 revisit

I've written about Charcut here and here, so this place really doesn't need an introduction.  This is one of our go-to restaurants for a special occasion meal, although we hadn't visited for at least a good year and a half (hard to believe it's already been that long).  Although we're not much for official celebrations,… Continue reading charcut fall 2014 revisit

grumans catering and delicatessen

Earlier this month we headed over to Grumans Catering and Delicatessen for a lovely Saturday brunch.  We had our day pretty much mapped out to a T: early morning workout (a very pathetic attempt at a 5k run by me while Mark had no issues), brunch, then watch the Argentina vs. Belgium game.  It was… Continue reading grumans catering and delicatessen