low-carb pizza crust

One of the challenges of eating low-carb is having to say goodbye to old favourites.  Some foods were much easier to get over than others (I'm very 'meh' about pastas now), but there are some that are just too good to let go (I'm talking about you, Korean rice cakes).  Pizza is certainly in the… Continue reading low-carb pizza crust


crispy baked chicken wings

Tis the season for gatherings and festive celebrations!  The holiday season is upon us and now that it's nearing Christmas, I'm really starting to feel the spirit.  One of my favourite things to do this time of year is get together with loved ones around the dining table and share in some meals together.  There… Continue reading crispy baked chicken wings

fresh mint & lime ice cream

Summer has arrived with a fury.  It's like it knows that its only allowed to come out and play for three short months, so it's making the most of that small window of time.  After a particularly long and dreary winter, I can't complain about the sudden onslaught of gorgeous sunshine and bright blue skies,… Continue reading fresh mint & lime ice cream

cinnamon & honey ice cream

I generally associate cinnamon with fall or winter, but it's such a wonderful spice that I use it no matter the season.  Besides the usual cinnamon-infused goodies like apple pie (a no brainer, of course), cinnamon buns, cinnamon french toast, and even hot chocolate, I like to use it in savoury dishes.  It's what makes… Continue reading cinnamon & honey ice cream