workshop kitchen + culture

A couple of months ago, Mark and I had one of those traditional "Dinner & A Movie" dates because even after several years together, it's always important to keep "dating" each other.  Romance and all, ya know?  The movie of choice that evening was Interstellar, but before hitting the theatre, we hit a restaurant within… Continue reading workshop kitchen + culture


cerezo cafe & bar – dinner edition

Our first visit to Cerezo Cafe & Bar certainly wasn't our last.  We've gone back for more lunches and had a lovely Mother's Day Brunch this year with my parents, and we've been spreading the word about this hidden gem to anyone who would listen.  The one meal we hadn't yet tried was dinner and… Continue reading cerezo cafe & bar – dinner edition

seoul eats: the DIY table top BBQ edition

Table top grilling is such a treat for us, especially the type that's done over red-hot coals, since it's very rare to see these types of built-in grills at Korean restaurants that we've been to in North America.  A trip is Korea is definitely not complete until one has experienced DIY table top BBQ.  It's… Continue reading seoul eats: the DIY table top BBQ edition

inti restaurant – peruvian cuisine

I'd been hearing a ton of good buzz about a new restaurant that popped up in the Inter Pacific Business Park, specializing in Peruvian cuisine.  What exactly is Peruvian cuisine, though?  Always one that learns better by doing, we headed to Inti Restaurant on a Friday evening. The location is fairly easy to get to… Continue reading inti restaurant – peruvian cuisine

farewell, JAROblue

Every once in a while, I like to try new things.  Being a creature of comfort and familiarity, I find it incredibly hard to deviate from my norm.  When it comes to trying new restaurants, Mark and I have a fairly even track record between the awful and the unexpectedly awesome.  Sometimes the memories of… Continue reading farewell, JAROblue