kang ho dong baekjeong (los angeles)

  Did you know that we spend some time in Los Angeles with Mark's family over the Christmas holidays?  Of course not, because I'm really behind on my posting.  Instead of making excuses and going on about why I'm writing about my awesome Los Angeles food adventures nearly four months later, I'm just gonna get… Continue reading kang ho dong baekjeong (los angeles)


pork + shrimp patties

Homemade dumplings are one of the best things around.  Before my parents moved to Calgary, we visited them a few times a year.  Each of those times, my mom and I would dedicate at least half a day to making her famous Korean dumpling, "mandu" (만두), filled with beef, tofu, chives, garlic, and ginger.  I… Continue reading pork + shrimp patties